Family Aid International

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David Tinney is the founder and president of Family Aid International, Inc., an Oklahoma (USA) based international aid to children fund instant cash advance online here with payday loans. Bishop Anatoliy Bilonozhko is president of Family Aid International (FAI) in Kiev, Ukraine, the mirror organization registered with the Ukrainian government as an international charity fund.

Family Aid International in Ukraine has been responsible for the care of and providing aid to orphans in state-operated orphanages, support for children infected with HIV and basic necessities for babies who've been abandoned at birth. Please visit our co-ministry site, Ukrainian Childrens Fund.

Ukrainian Childrens Fund cooperates with national churches, leaders, businessmen and government officials. We're distributing food, clothing, shoes, winter coats and personal sanitary items to orphanages and under privileged children. We also empower concerned Ukrainian leaders to be effective in humanitarian work and social reform.


September, 2009 - David Tinney, President of Family Aid International, Poul Dalgaard, President of MercyBiz and Pastor and businessman John Garfield, co-author of Releasing Kings and author of Desire to Destiny and inhibitors help will be in Ukraine in November, 2009. They'll be speaking at business conferences in Dnipropetrovsk. L'viv and Lutsk. Dates will be announced soon.

July, 2009 - Family Aid International opens 10 new branch ministry offices across Ukraine. President David Tinney's vision of ministry centers saturating Ukraine is becoming a reality. Ten new branch offices were opened in 10 cities across Ukraine during the first six months of 2009.

Besides providing aid to orphans and under privileged children, Family Aid International assists with the day to day care of abandoned babies and shelter for the homeless.


Anatoliy Belonozhko is Director for Family Aid International in Ukraine. Anatoliy oversees all operations as well as the branch offices of Family Aid International. He is also Bishop of the Gospel Evangelical Christian Churches of Ukraine. Pictured with him is his wife Nadya. They reside in Kiev.


Svelana Eshenko is secretary for Family Aid International in Kiev. She also works in the Missionary Center of the Embassy of God churches. Svelana came into the Christian faith in 2008.

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